84% of dealers think merchandising will help drive profit. But only 12% feel differentiated in the market.

Separate yourself from the competition with SnapLot 360. Using the SnapLot 360 app on your smartphone, you can capture three-dimensional shots of every vehicle’s interior and exterior, delivering a more immersive shopping experience for your customers that increases online engagement and drives sales.

Make your merchandising stand out with Snaplot 360:

  • Exterior 360 Capture - Walk around the vehicle and capture a high-resolution exterior 360 in seconds using image stabilization to drive efficiency and optimal viewing by car shoppers.
  • Interior 360 Capture - Leverage SnapLot 360 to capture a compelling interior 360 panoramic to fully immerse car shoppers in the experience.
  • Hot Spot Tagging - Tag specific features as hot spots that will call out to online car shoppers, driving engagement and a deeper understanding about the vehicle.
  • 360 Syndication - Syndicate interior and exterior 360s to top website providers in the industry, including Dealer.com and others.

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